AdapForms: Adaptive Forms

adapforms.annotation Annotations used to provide the form parser with additional information, when parsing bean types.
adapforms.exceptions Provides a range of exceptions used both internally and externally by the framework.
adapforms.form Representation of static uninitialized adaptive forms.
adapforms.form.elements Form element classes used for representing the static form tree structure.
adapforms.form.parser Provides parsers for loading and parsing adaptive forms in XML form, and creating bean types.
adapforms.runtime Contains functionality used by the runtime system, responsible for handling user input, adapting forms etc.
adapforms.runtime.adaptations Adaptations created and used by the framework internally. Provides utility interfaces and classes for the framework to provide feedback to the domain application, allowing for real-time integration with the end user.
adapforms.runtime.i18n Internationalization (i18n) features used by the runtime system.
adapforms.runtime.state Holds internal state information for the runtime system.
adapforms.runtime.state.dom Generic and abstract classes used to implement the DOM model on top of the runtime state tree.
adapforms.runtime.validation Classes related to document validation.
adapforms.util Various utility classes used internally.
adapforms.web The core logic of the adapforms-web component.
adapforms.web.adaptations Web-specific adaptations extending the generic adaptation collection from adapforms-core.
adapforms.web.handlers Internal handlers to which the AdapFormsServlet delegates assignments.
adapforms.web.handlers.xhtml Classes specific to the XHTML/AJAX user interface layer.
adapforms.web.util Various utility classes used internally.