Package adapforms.runtime.state

Holds internal state information for the runtime system.


Interface Summary
StateTree.EnumerationFilter Filter to use when enumerating nodes,

Class Summary
AdaptationCycle Holds information, primarily consisting of a list of adaptations, which is relevant only within a single adaptation cycle.
BooleanExpression Represents a boolean expression that may be either a constant or an XPath expression that will evaluate to a boolean value.
StateTree Holds the collective state and entered values for a FormInstance.
StateTreeNode Holds all data and meta-data about a single node in a StateTree.
XPathManager Handles the evaulation of XPath semantic rules.

Enum Summary
StateTree.EnumerationAction Which action should be taken when continuing enumeration with a StateTree.EnumerationFilter.

Package adapforms.runtime.state Description

Holds internal state information for the runtime system. Primarily data containers for the FormInstanceImpl implementation.