Package adapforms.runtime.adaptations

Adaptations created and used by the framework internally.


Interface Summary
Adaptation A single adaptation decided by the core framework, to be propagated to (and executed by) a modality-specific rendering engine.

Class Summary
ElementAdaptation Superclass of all adaptations, that deal with adapting a single form element, designated by the full path to the element.
FormStatusAdaptation The overall status of the form instance has changed.
ReadOnlyAdaptation Change the readonly state of an element
RelevantAdaptation Changing the relevance (visibility) of a form element.
RepeatEntryAdaptation Create new or delete existing repeat entry from the RepeatElement denoted by the path given.
SubmitActionTitleAdaptation Change the title of the submit action.
UserMessageAdaptation Display a text-message to the user, filling out the adaptive form.
ValidationAdaptation Changing the validation state (problem indication) of a form element.
ValueChangeAdaptation Changing the value of a form element.

Package adapforms.runtime.adaptations Description

Adaptations created and used by the framework internally. The interfaces and superclasses of interest are Adaptation and ElementAdaptation.