Class BeanConvertion

  extended by adapforms.form.parser.BeanConvertion

 class BeanConvertion
extends java.lang.Object

Converts a JavaBean into a BeanType, which can be used as a form element in a BeanElement instance.

The conversion process looks for all properties (matching public get- and set-methods) of the bean, and converts them into form elements according to the property type:
- String properties become TextElement instances.
- int and Integer properties become IntegerElement instances.
- Date properties become DateElement instances.
- boolean and Boolean properties become ToggleElement instances.
- Enum-type properties become ChoiceElement instances (single-choice).
- All other types will be ignored

Annotations can be used to control the translation process. See AdapFormsProperty and AdapFormsType..

Henrik Gammelmark,

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static BeanType typeFromBean(java.lang.Class<java.lang.Object> type)
          Create a bean type given the class of the bean.
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Constructor Detail


Method Detail


public static BeanType typeFromBean(java.lang.Class<java.lang.Object> type)
                             throws ParserException
Create a bean type given the class of the bean.

ParserException - If the type was not a bean, or no usable properties were found.